Prankster Photo Bombs Elon Pendulum; Staff Turns It Into Fun Online Spread (@elonpendulum)

The sub-headline of the feature run in The Elon Pendulum at North Carolina’s Elon University explains the event succinctly: “When photojournalism gets punked . . . Waldo style.”

It seems a rogue teen took it upon himself to surreptitiously ruin a recent Pendulum photo shoot involving an Elon undergraduate posing in front of a local high school at which she selflessly volunteers.  As the Pendulum write-up explains, “A mysterious figure snuck his way into the frame without [the staff photog’s] knowledge, probably getting a kick out of his trick, much to his, and eventually the Pendulum staff’s later enjoyment.  Can YOU find Waldo?

For those interested, the feature contains several photos showing the figure at ever-closer range.  Even in the close-up of sorts, I cannot make out whether the photo bomber is actually in a costume or just regular school-day clothes, but he seems attired more like V from “V for Vendetta” than Waldo. :)

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