Blogger Criticizes Daily Iowan; Daily Iowan Hires Him

You have to love an editor who recognizes talent even when it’s spitting in his face.  Last week, Adam B. Sullivan, the editor-in-chief of The Daily Iowan at the University of Iowa, came across a local blog featuring an entire post and photo slideshow devoted simply to spotlighting the paper’s recent typos.

A screenshot of one of the images featured in the DI typo slideshow put together by the Iowa City blogger.

Sullivan’s response: You’re hired.  As he explains in a blog post of his own, “[I]nstead of getting salty that a blogger was promoting our mistakes, I emailed him and offered him a job as the associate copy editor. He accepted and will start in two weeks. He obviously has a good eye for detail and I’m hopeful the new position will cut down on the embarrassing errors that creep into the print edition.”

My sole point of confusion: The blogger, Zach Tilly, seems to be a UI alum, not a student.  The paper hires non-students for editorial positions?  I’ve emailed Adam to get more info.  [Update: Message from Adam… “As far as I know, Zach is a current undergrad. But we do hire non-students occasionally (usually recently graduated alumni).”  2nd Update: Romenesko has also now posted an item on the hiring– fair warning, he has misspelled Tilly’s last name.]


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