‘Welcome to the Adventure’: Sierra Nevada College Students Discuss Challenges of Growing a Campus Paper

Eagle’s Eye student staffers at Sierra Nevada College are boldly producing journalism without precedent.  The current incarnation of the biweekly campus newspaper is aiming to be much more hard-charging, professional, digital, and visually polished than any of its predecessors.

It doesn’t yet boast a website.  It does not have the funding to pay staff.  It does not enjoy the advantages of an affiliated journalism program.  And it does not yet bask in the glow of editorial freedom– operating instead under the watchful gaze of an administration apparently not yet sure what to make of a gung-ho student news team.

But the paper has noticeably come a long way since issues four years ago that managing editor Savannah Hoover confirms were hand-stapled and Xeroxed in the school library.

The current quality of Eagle’s Eye is a testament to the passion, vision, sweat, and sleeplessness of its core editorial staff and adviser Tanya Canino.

In a podcast chat recorded during the tail-end of the ACP convention, Hoover and news editor Jason Paladino spoke with me about the maddening, invigorating experience of growing a publication with short-term deadlines and long-term dreams.

As a quick note from editors atop the front page of the paper’s first issue of the academic year stated simply, “Welcome to the Adventure.”

Interview: Savannah Hoover & Jason Paladino, Eagle’s Eye Editors

Eagle's Eye editors Savannah Hoover and Jason Paladino pose against a wall of the Renaissance Seattle, site of the 2012 ACP National College Journalism Convention.

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