Linfield College Student Documentary ‘Tap That’ Exposes Alleged Ills of Bottled Water, Pushes for Campus Ban

Bottled water is bad.  That is the thrust of the campaign Linfield College students Collin Morris and Annika Yates have been waging in an attempt to stop the product from being sold on the Oregon school’s campus.

Inspired by the larger movement triggered by Food & Water Watch, the students have held events at Linfield attempting to educate students about the apparent wastefulness and pointlessness of buying something they can already get for free.  The pair also put together “Tap That,” a short documentary further explaining both the alleged ills of bottled water and the relative value of its chief competitor, water that comes from the tap.

The doc’s gist: Bottled water is not healthier than tap water, and at times is simply tap water repackaged.  The plastic bottles are environmental boondoggles.  And the entire bottled water industry is a cash cow at consumers’ expense.

The bottle-tap fight has many combatants espousing many perspectives, including those who argue tap is less healthy than bottled and filtered water.  But the anti-bottle contingent has been notably gaining ground on some campuses and earning related media attention.

A mid-February post on The Salt, National Public Radio’s food blog, confirmed, “Bottled water is trickling away from college campuses nationwide, thanks to the efforts of student activists and the non-profit groups that support them.”

In a recent podcast chat, Morris discussed the campaign he and Yates are waging and the documentary they created to help their fight.

Interview: Collin Morris, Linfield College

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