Western Kentucky’s Social Media Monitoring Becomes National Story; Interview with Herald EIC Cole Claybourn

As I posted previously, The College Heights Herald, Western Kentucky University’s student newspaper, has alleged in recent coverage that WKU administrators have been aggressively monitoring and disciplining students for social media messages “deemed inappropriate.”

According to the Herald, WKU has specifically been tracking some student tweets, even attempting to “shut down several Twitter parody accounts and is sending students to Judicial Affairs for tweets they consider negative against WKU.”  The story, which the Herald broke, has now gone national, popping up in a new Associated Press report.

In the podcast chat below, College Heights Herald editor-in-chief Cole Claybourn discusses the paper’s coverage of the controversy and the issues some students and legal experts have with the school’s social media policy and routines.

Interview: Cole Claybourn, Editor-in-Chief, The College Heights Herald

Cole Claybourn, the editor-in-chief of The College Heights Herald at WKU, previously served as the paper's sports editor.

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