Oregon Daily Emerald-Oregonian Joint Reporting Project: A Podcast Chat with the Emerald’s Deborah Bloom

Earlier this week, an investigative report involving a profitable student housing development and a popular former athletic director at the University of Oregon ran simultaneously in The Oregon Daily Emerald and The Oregonian.

The synchronous publication was the last component of an in-depth “joint reporting project” that from start to finish involved a collaboration between the highly-regarded student and professional papers.  Specifically, Emerald freelance staff writer Deborah Bloom and Oregonian business reporter and investigations team member Jeff Manning worked in lockstep on the planning, reporting, and writing of the 1,800-word feature.

A brief note above the story in the ODE confirms, “This is the start of an ongoing effort by the Emerald to partner with professional newsrooms to produce public-interest journalism that matters to Oregonians.”

From my perspective, this is also another prime example of an evermore-frequent alliance between professional and student news media that will occur as the journalism landscape continues its topsy-turvy 21st-century ride.  Kudos to ODE editor-in-chief Tyree Harris and publisher Ryan Frank.

In a brief podcast chat, the Emerald‘s Bloom discusses how she became involved in the project and the benefits and challenges of the cross-paper and student-professional collaboration.

Interview: Deborah Bloom, Oregon Daily Emerald

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