The Art of the In-House Ad: Allegheny Campus Exploits Puppies, The Brady Bunch (@AlleghenyCampus)

Along with quality content, The Allegheny Campus at Pennsylvania’s Allegheny College has recently been rocking out evermore innovative in-house ads.  Quirky and eye-catching, the ads serve a two-fold purpose: enticing students to potentially sign on and providing current staff with a bonding activity and sheer enjoyment.

Bottom line: Check out the ad below, and pretend you wouldn’t want to spend a night in a newsroom with those people. :)

According to faculty adviser Caley Cook, Campus editors “do creative ‘join the staff’ in-house ads every week (mostly because writers flake or they overestimate the content they have), but this one takes the cake.  Last week they ran a full-page picture of a puppy with text over it that said ‘Write for the Campus: It’s even better than the real thing.’  Then the week before that it was a picture of them holding the paper over their heads with goofy googly eyes and text that said ‘Come meet us. Please meet us.’  I’m not sure any of the ads have ever been effective in actually bringing in journalistic troops, but the staff sure has fun making them. . . .”

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