Sex, Sharks & the Penn State Student Newspaper Archives (@DailyCollegian #Jaws)

Yet another reminder about the treasures that exist within old campus newspapers: The Daily Collegian business staff at Penn State recently stumbled across a pair of adjoining ads in a September 1975 issue that brought oral sex, sharks, Spielberg, and pornography together for probably the first and last time.  (Hat tip to online student news overlord Davis Shaver.)

As a post onCollegian Biz Buzz confirmed, “The now-defunct Garden Theatre placed advertisements for a screening of the new movie Jaws…or were you more interested in the ad for Deep Throat? According to our beloved business advisor, Candy Heckard, the porno screening ads ran through the late 1980s.”  The paper labeled the random juxtaposition as “Rated X for eXtraordinary Coincidence.


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