Website Popular Among Female Students: Betches Love This (@betchesluvthis)

Through a class assignment I had the pleasure to dispense and assess, my students recently clued me in to a website especially popular among female college students.

The site: Betches Love This.  The gist: “[I]t’s a perspective on college life with a debatable level of satire written about and for young adult women. Founded on Feb. 26, 2011, this daily updated blog covers issues in ‘The Betch List’ that pertain to women in college: practical issues of ‘Borrowing Clothes,’ romantic dilemmas of ‘The Ex-Boyfriend Cycle,’ technological questions of ‘The iPhone Switch,’ and commentary on social phenomenons such as ‘Abbrevs.'”

As Allyson Anatra, a University of Tampa freshman writing major, further explains: “Betches Love This gives off a comical, sarcastic vibe.  It is dedicated to all girls classified as ‘betches.’  Betches are so-called hot, superior, insatiable girls between the ages of 16 and 25 who run on their daddy’s money.  These are the types of girls who spend all their time partying and stringing along men. In other words, they are real-life versions of the ‘Mean Girls’ character Regina George. readers are mostly women who at least somewhat consider themselves a betch.  The site makes fun of these types of girls in a way they cannot help but laugh and say ‘Oh my god! So true!’  Many students have been tweeting about this website and reposting daily articles on each other’s Facebook walls.”

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