University of Texas Student Media Board Director ‘Quits Under Pressure’

The director Texas Student Media, the board overseeing major student media operations at the University of Texas at Austin, has abruptly “resigned under pressure” only eight months after being hired.  The Austin American-Statesman reports that Gary Borders quit without consulting other members of the board, which is described as “quasi-independent” of the university.

Specific reasons for the sudden departure are murky, but appear to most directly stem from a single UT administrator’s dissatisfaction with his job performance.  The American-Statesman: “Borders, 56, told the American-Statesman on Thursday that he resigned Feb. 8 after Juan González, vice president for student affairs, informed him that he could quit or be fired. González had been unhappy with a proposal Borders floated to sell the TV station’s federal operating license, Borders said, adding that he had dropped the idea upon learning of the vice president’s opposition. Borders said a major part of his job was to reduce a deficit that was $175,000 when he came aboard.”

Former Texas Student Media executive committee chairwoman: “I think the issue here is the actions of the vice president of student affairs without the advice and consent of the Board of Operating Trustees.  It’s troublesome.”

In an American-Statesman blog post this morning, the “complicated relationship” between the board and school is described as “lately . . . a bit tense.”

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