The Art of the #Tweetalong: Daily Evergreen Reporter Explains Real-Time Reporting Experiment

This past academic year, Stephanie Schendel, the cops and courts reporter for The Daily Evergreen at Washington State University, has participated in occasional “tweetalongs.”  During late-night ridealongs with local police, she has tweeted live observations, providing a candid, witty glimpse of quirkier after-hours community goings-on.

The innovative reporting effort has become a favorite of student readers and alums, heightening the paper’s social media cred and spurring lots of interaction.  In addition, what Schendel describes as a real-time reporting experiment of sorts has revealed one immutable truth: After dark, some people in Pullman, Wash., are a bit bonkers.

On her Twitter profile, Schendel confirms, “I am a 20-something blogger and student journalist. And I solemnly swear I am up to no good.”

Listen to my podcast chat with Schendel below for the full breakdown of her tweetalong experiences.  Among the highlights: She describes how the idea was formed somewhat by accident, how WSU alumni have enjoyed the updates as a way of reconnecting with their alma mater, and how she has begun receiving real-time tips about criminal activity at times even before the police by her side are alerted.  She also offers advice about the ethics and audience engagement issues involved in quality tweetalongs.

Interview with Stephanie Schendel, Daily Evergreen

A small sampling of Schendel’s most recent ridealong tweets:

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