Student Photographer Tweets About Almost Getting Arrested in Iowa Covering Protests of Chinese VP Visit

Roughly a half hour ago, Mark Kauzlarich, the photo editor for The Daily Cardinal at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, tweeted that he had almost been arrested while covering the ongoing protests in Des Moines, Iowa, centered on a visit there by China’s Vice President Xi Jinping (hat tip to Carl Lavin).  He is apparently working on a story appearing in tomorrow’s Cardinal, after traveling to Iowa by bus with members of a Tibetan community living in Madison.

Soon after his apparent near-arrest, he shared, “I’m so tired I want to cry. But still plugging. Want to bring the absolute best to the @dailycardinal and @UWMadison tomorrow on this story.”

Another moment he felt compelled to tweet: “Absolutely heart-wrenching to have a man in his 50s see your media pass and beg you with tears in his eyes to tell Xi to stop the killing.”

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