Valentine’s Day Special: Pitt News Publishes Annual Sex Edition (@ThePittNews #sex)

In a letter to readers in today’s issue, Pitt News editor-in-chief Michael Macagnone writes, “The horizontal tango, making love, doing the deed: There’s no doubt our society has many means of talking about– and around– intercourse.  And for most of the year, that is what society focuses on: the act itself, leaving the vast majority of its effects and implications unstated.  Today though, with the naked intent of Valentine’s Day in promoting Hallmark sales, last-minute flower purchases and romantic gestures all around, we’re going to talk about sex.”

Macagnone’s missive is a call-to-arms trumpeting the arrival of the latest Pitt News sex edition.  Now in its fourth year, it has emerged as one of collegemediatopia’s most insightful and creatively-designed themed issues tackling all-things sexy and lovable.

The current edition dives with gusto into body issues, birth control, porn, celibacy, first dates, and, as one staffer excitedly proclaimed, “lady boobs!”  The overall perspective, embodied by a line in a featured column by Tracey Hickey: “Human sexuality is as diverse as human beings.

In an exclusive podcast chat, Macagnone breaks down the edition’s sexual diversity and crazy cool design scheme (mad props to the creative team led by Randi Alu) and provides advice for student eds. aiming to produce a related issue of their own.

Interview: Michael Macagnone, Pitt News EIC

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