University of Hawaii Student Newspaper Sex Edition Stirs Buzz, Bit of Controversy

A pre-Valentine’s Day sex edition of The Ka Leo at the University of Hawaii is currently in the campus and local media spotlight.  According to a broadcast news report in Honolulu, the chief culprit of what is still (at the moment, at least) a mini-controversy: a how-to guide on a variety of sex positions.

The piece offers advice on techniques, equipment, and expectations aiming to help students make the most of positions nicknamed hips to hips, hips and lips, rear entry, and “so much more than missionary.”  It also sports graphics showing the positions in action.

As an expert in the student press sex coverage arena (read my book), I can confirm there is nothing more explicit or extreme in the current Ka Leo than any other sex issue published by student papers nationwide over the past two decades.  The issue also includes features on unconventional and low-budget dating options, a “sex songs” rundown, and some perspectives on Valentine’s Day and chocolate.

Yesterday, Hawaii News Now featured the “very provocative article” in a segment on its newscast.  It is also collecting differing opinions on its Facebook page.  A few complainants worry about children accidentally grabbing a copy or the overall indecency of the whole shebang, but I am unconvinced this is anything more than a media-created hullabaloo at this point.

A majority of respondents are defending the article and issue as perfectly suitable for a student audience and wanted and needed in our age of openness about all-things sexual.

Ka Leo copy chief Karleanne Matthews: “Valentine’s day, college campus, it’s going to be about sex for a lot of people.  And so we wanted to address that in a way that is helpful and interesting, that’s not going to be the same thing students already know.”

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