Daily Iowan Dance Marathon Coverage a Reporting Tour de Force

The Daily Iowan‘s recent Herculean coverage of the University of Iowa’s Dance Marathon was a real-time multimedia reporting Tour de Force.

By the numbers: 300 man hours of planning and reporting by DI staff.  50 published stories, along with scores of photos, a slew of blog updates and tweets, and a slate of videos.  Roughly 17,000 hits to the DI website during the 24-hour charitable event, apparently a record amount.  And, of course, most heartening: $1.3 million raised by the marathon’s participants to help child patients treated at the university’s medical facilities.

In a news release, DI editor-in-chief Adam B. Sullivan triumphed the paper’s work as a model for modern campus media convergence efforts.  “I couldn’t be more excited with the effort and dedication of these journalists,” Sullivan said. “In my tenure as editor, I don’t think I’ve ever seen staffers from all sides of the organization– TV, photo, and print– working together so well.”

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