Campus Restroom at Harvard Law Named After UC Berkeley Professor Who Donated Money

In return for a recent $100,000 donation, Harvard University’s School of Law has named a restroom after a professor at the University of California, Berkeley.  The Falik Men’s Room honors the prof. William Falik, whose last name Time Magazine confirms “is apparently pronounced exactly how it looks.”

In a Daily Californian story on the unusual arrangement, Falik, a law school alum, confirmed the whole shebang was his idea: “I have a name that doesn’t go many places.  I think it’s somewhat humorous to have my name outside of a men’s room.”

Interestingly, Falik is not the first to achieve campus lavatory legend status.  As Time notes, “Elsewhere, a UPenn donor offered to financially support a campus-library-bathroom renovation– that is, if the bathroom’s walls were lined with plaques that said: “The relief you are now experiencing is made possible by a gift from Michael Zinman.”  Is this the start of a trend of high-profile school bathroom wall-and-stall donations?

On a side-note, this is the third higher ed. bathroom story I’ve stumbled across in recent months.  The Daily Kansan took on one-ply toilet paper at Kansas University late last year, quickly followed by a Daily Texan ranking of the top 10 on-campus restrooms at the University of Texas at Austin.

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