Daily Nebraskan’s Biggest Story This Semester: A Bed Bug Outbreak!

A bed bug outbreak at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln has prompted a subsequent swarm of criticism from students aimed at campus housing officials.  A rash of stories and editorials in The Daily Nebraskan charges UNL staffers with failing to inform students in a timely manner about the growing infestation and instead spreading misinformation and even telling student RAs to lie to their residents.

The student newspaper has called for the resignation of the university housing director.  Top staff explained in a recent editorial, “[A]s journalists, bedbugs have never been the issue.  The issue at hand for us is apparent lies.”

The current hysteria that has been labeled “the bed bug situation” (and “Bed bug-gate“) began in early January, when a female student in a UNL residence hall saw the “parasitic insects” on her roommate’s bed.  “I had my boyfriend kill them because bugs freak me out,” she told the Nebraskan.  “After they were dead I didn’t think anything else about it and just went to bed . . . [But] that night I couldn’t go to sleep, I kept feeling these pinches of nerve pain all over my legs and arms.”  She woke up the next morning with bite marks on her legs.

Various reports in the Nebraskan have confirmed the bugs are nocturnal, live off the blood of people and animals, and measure only “about one-third the width of a dime.”

To read the rest of the piece, check out my USA TODAY College “Campus Beat” columnClick here or on the screenshot below.

One Response to “Daily Nebraskan’s Biggest Story This Semester: A Bed Bug Outbreak!”
  1. I was very sorry to read of the female student’s experience. These bed bugs can be disconcerting.

    But they are not attracted to dirty conditions.And they can be brought in on someone’s clothing or in a suitcase etc

    Unfortunately they do multiply very quickly and so the administration will need to act quickly to deal with the outbreak before it becomes a full blown infestation.

    It is a straightforward task and is better to be done sooner rather than later so that these parasites can be put back where they belong – away from people!