Caught in the Web with Katelyn Sweigart #3

By Katelyn Sweigart

Caught in the Web is a CMM feature created and maintained by Katelyn Sweigart, web editor of The Mustang Daily and a senior journalism student at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.  It lays out a range of web tools and platforms aimed at helping student journalists up their writing, reporting, and multimedia awesomeness.

J-schoolers rejoice!  There are little niches on the net where we can go to vent or have that moment of realizing we aren’t alone in our struggles as journalists.  Yes, we’re supposed to be opinion-free and saintly, but let’s face it: We’re human.  We want to complain about those sources who ask to have their name left out and how we end up writing English papers in AP style.  We want to express our love for coffee, new notebooks, and working pens.  Obviously, the Internet is the perfect place to do it.

Overheard in the Newsroom

This blog roll is “best overheard comments and conversations in any newsroom,” according to the site.  The Mustang Daily has a corkboard in the newsroom where we write down all the stuff said.  Most of them are double entendres and fart jokes, or us venting about particularly nasty sources or commenters.  This site is that corkboard on a grand scale, where people can submit their own quotes.  Not just student-run newsrooms either!  It just brings newsrooms closer with common oddball conversations.

Journalism Student Problems

This Tumblr blog is a venting spot for student journalists.  It has an abundance of Jon Stewart .gifs and truthful confessions and rants of j-students.  Visitors can submit their own material.


Another Tumblr blog.  This one is hilarious, gathering up tweets and quotes from journalists who use #partylikeajournalist tags on Twitter and other media.  Look, more people like us!

Stuff Journalists Like

This site features humor only people steeped in journalism will probably get.  It has a list of things journalists like.  There is also a nice blog that talks about things like journalist must-haves, 10 ways not to look stupid on the job, and advice on dating journalists.

Caught in the Web graphic by Steven Simily

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