Want to Write for the National Online Student Outlet NextGen Journal? ‘Make a Pitch’ (@NextGenJournal)

Sixteen months after its launch, national online student news-and-views outlet NextGen Journal is growing and continuing to innovate.  As the site’s founder and editor-in-chief Connor Toohill writes in a recent update:

“[O]ur team has grown from about 15 to over 180 staffers, reporters, editors, and contributors.  That’s enabled us to cover major events in detail, from the death of Osama bin Laden to the debt ceiling debate to (more recently) the Iowa caucuses.  Along the way, we’ve begun interviews with major figures- including Jon Huntsman, Mitch Daniels, and Chris Van Hollen last semester alone– with questions coming from students across the country.  We’ve even had the chance to talk about our coverage and our overall efforts in other outlets, like on MSNBC.  Our primary goal remains the same: to provide a platform for our generation, vaulting our voices, perspectives, and priorities into the national conversation.”

One of the most interesting additions being rolled out is “Make a Pitch,” an open call to students seeking to submit “a really unique perspective on a particular issue.”  It is apparently part of NextGen’s efforts to further engage with its student base.

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