Suffolk Journal’s ‘Dumb F*ckers’ Slip Prompts Apology

An unfortunate slip in yesterday’s issue of The Suffolk Journal at Boston’s Suffolk University triggered an immediate apology from the student paper’s staff.  In a story about a Winter Involvement Fair, the main headline simply dubs the event a success (with an exclamation point).  The sub-hed, however, states: “Even we had some dumb fuckers sign up!

An editor’s note posted on the Journal homepage states, “We want to apologize profusely for the mistake and make it clear that we in no way harbor ill feelings towards the Student Leadership and Involvement Office [the fair organizers], nor any of the students and staff that work there. The sub-head was put in as a joke, by editors, that unfortunately slipped through our editing process later in the night. We want to make it clear that the reporter who wrote the article had no idea or anything to do with the subhead. We’ve spoken with SLI, who has been extremely understanding. We want to thank them for their support. Moving forward, we hope to learn from this experience and continue to do our best to keep the Suffolk community informed about what’s going on around campus and in the city. As always, thanks for reading the Journal.”

My initial reaction: The slip is a cringe-worthy reminder about why it’s never a good idea to put jokes into headlines as space fillers.  Before the snickering and criticizing becomes too boisterous though, let’s remember: It’s a single mistake.  Mistakes happen.  Especially late at night.  In student newsrooms.  And as I’ve previously confirmed, the Journal is a great paper.  The apology appears genuine.  Hopefully staff can simply learn from this and move on.


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10 Responses to “Suffolk Journal’s ‘Dumb F*ckers’ Slip Prompts Apology”
  1. David Hughes says:

    Two words ….
    “Dewey Wins”


  2. Noah says:

    “It’s a single mistake. Mistakes happen.”

    You should have put a few “explanation points” on that statement.

  3. profootballwalk says:

    God forbid the students at Suffolk University be held responsible for their actions – after all, they’re children!

  4. Banana Rama says:

    I’m also offended by the use of not one, but TWO exclamation points. Geesh!

  5. Denise says:

    The poor sentence structure offends me the most.

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