Student Press Love & Sex Stories: Hickeys, Virginity, and Dating Histories (#hickeys @BootyDrop)

Below is a screenshot sampling of recently published columns in student news outlets nationwide directly tackling matters of sex and love.  Hickeys, masturbation, penile fractures (ouch), the art of wooing a woman, and an intriguing website called Booty Drop all make appearances.  Happy Wednesday!

The Golden Gate Xpress, SFSU

“That late-night rendezvous with a stranger didn’t go quite as planned, did it? It’s too late to bait a new one, and you’re just too fired up to sleep. Sounds like someone has to go home and take care of their own business. . . .”

The Temple News, Temple University

“ is a website for college students to post their hookup histories for other users to read and rank.  No one likes a kiss and tell – unless it’s funny and completely anonymous, of course. . . .”

The Badger Herald, UW Madison

“Let me start by saying that there are a number of issues that can lead to lowered sexual libido or situation-specific boner loss that may have nothing to do with your porn use. Obviously maintaining an adequate and healthy amount of sleep, nutrition and exercise is important, as is stress management. . . .”

The Nevada Sagebrush, UNR

“I know how to kill my sex life: stab a knife right in the heart of it and work it in deep. Wouldn’t be the first time I felt intimacy with a dead body.  What kills sex? What kills passion? . . .”

The Daily Californian, UC Berkeley

“Women are delicate and complex contraptions. Like the Eiffel Tower, they exude elegance as well as efficiency. Like the aqueducts of Rome, their function is to ease stress from life while retaining water. And, like that famous horse of Troy, they utilize deceit when others turn to brute force. . . .”

The Daily Pennsylvanian, Penn

“When you think about the typical Friday night college scene, two types of people stand out: the enthusiastic partygoers and the studious all-nighters. We usually stereotype the partygoers as wild, drunk and typically horny, while the group who lounges all night in Van Pelt as nerdy, awkward and sexually inexperienced. . . .”

The Pace Press, Pace University

(This one is from February 2011, but I just came across it and enjoyed it, so here you go.)  “Alarm rings, you roll out of bed; head to the mirror, and to your surprise you have an unexpected guest glaring back at you; a hickey.  Right on the side of your neck, in plain view, you have this huge, dark blob stained there. You rub it hard, hoping that it’s just some dirt or smudge that will wash away; but no luck. . . .”

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  1. Julie says:

    Be sure to check out The Pitt News on Feb. 14 for it’s Sex Edition! It’s an issue all about sex.