Caught in the Web with Katelyn Sweigart #2

By Katelyn Sweigart

Caught in the Web is a CMM feature created and maintained by Katelyn Sweigart, web editor of The Mustang Daily and a senior journalism student at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.  It lays out a range of web tools and platforms aimed at helping student journalists up their writing, reporting, and multimedia awesomeness.


Hands down one of the best ways to create a multimedia piece that includes a lot of social media.  Start with a headline and description.  You can then embed Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, Instagram, Google searches, and any old embed code– the kicker being that it’s all from the site’s dashboard so you don’t have to open new windows or do a lot of copying and pasting.  Just click and drag the “elements” you want into the provided document and publish.  It is also a plugin for WordPress.


This is a much more innovative and dynamic slideshow than Microsoft’s PowerPoint or Apple’s Keynote.  You can, however, import the slides from PowerPoint or Keynote.  It’s hosted online, but you can download the “Prezi” to play offline on a PC or Mac.  You can also embed it.  You are given a huge blank workspace where you can zoom in and out and create an animation that does this for you.  You can also embed YouTube videos and images.

Here is an example of one I created for a feature article in the Mustang Daily.


This site creates a collage that scrolls horizontally.  Add images, videos, audio bytes, music, hyperlinks, and text.  You can create image cutouts, “hotspots” that pop up different media, and transitions.  Grab images from your computer, Flickr, Picasa, or SmugMug.  It’s perfect for a timeline.  I must caution that the few times I’ve used it it’s had some trouble with certain audio files and it has had a tendency to go down.

Caught in the Web graphic by Steven Simily

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