Bed Bugs Attack at University of Alaska Anchorage

An “expanding bedbug population” is infesting student dorm rooms at the University of Alaska Anchorage, a new report in The Northern Light campus newspaper confirms.

The article is frankly fascinating.  Three things I learned:

1) These “nighttime crawlers” like to travel: “Bedbugs are extreme hitchhikers. They are the best hitchhikers in the bug world.”

2) One step to spot a potential infestation involves “looking for small streaks of excrement around the bed frame and mattress.” Hmm.

3) Bed bugs are a government issue: “In late 2010, members of the national Legislature met in Washington, DC for the First Congressional Bed Bug Forum. The federal government set aside $50 million at the forum to combat the spread of bedbugs, intended to last through 2013. . . . Other states have attempted to control the spread of the insects since the forum. The Ohio Department of Health created an Ohio Bed Bug Workgroup that made recommendations to the Ohio Governor and Legislature in early 2011.”

Bottom line: It’s time to “sink your teeth” into your schools’ “nighttime crawlers.”

Questions for a Related Report

What’s the bed bug situation in your campus dorms and students’ off-campus residences?  What is the school’s MO for staving off potential infestations?  How does the campus health center intervene?  What do staffers there recommend re: spotting and treating bed bug bites and subsequent skin conditions?  Do any students have bed bug horror stories or actual scars?  In a larger sense, what are the steps taken by your school to keep buildings clean and up to code?  How much is spent on extermination and janitorial maintenance?  And what are the most common creepy crawlies affecting campus hotspots?  In an academic sense, do any science classes study these types of things?  Any professors conduct related research?  And is there a local or state-level governmental agency looking into the apparent bed bug pandemic?

Multimedia Options

1) If relevant, post a photo slideshow of the spots bed bugs and similar creatures have infested on your campus.  According to the Northern Light, the bugs enjoy not only bedding but also couches “curtains, laundry, picture frames, and even books.”  A pest control guy: “We found bedbugs in Bibles twice now.”  2) A video report shadowing an exterminator or pest control crew while on the job on campus.  Ten minutes ago, I would have declared this lame, but then I read Teresa Kennedy’s piece.  The breakout star is a pest control company owner– he’s candid, (possibly unintentionally) funny, and very passionate about his job!

Offbeat Option

A series of memes displaying the reactions of bed bugs to various places they inhabit on campus, aimed at satirizing well-known school ephemera, stereotypes, current events, and gossip.  Too much? :o

By the way, think bed bugs are not newsworthy enough for a front-page feature?  Below is a sampling of related reports just pulled from a quick Google News search:

One Response to “Bed Bugs Attack at University of Alaska Anchorage”
  1. BB BITES says:

    Fun yet informative post! It is surprising that it actually took this long before infestations started showing up in campus/dorms actually.