Daily Princetonian Honors Harry Potter in Recent Joke Issue (#harrypotter)

In its annual joke issue published earlier this month, The Daily Princetonian became The Daily Prophet.  The Princeton University student newspaper embraced Harry Potter in a spoof-tastic edition full of stories about muggles, magic, elves, and He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.

For example, in an Occupy Movement-inspired tale, the Prophet reported on student ire about allegedly unfair “magic distribution.”  As the lede noted, “In a surprising turn of events at the normally apathetic university, a small number of students have taken issue with the high concentration of magic on campus and have staged a protest just inside the front gates. ‘It’s completely unfair that 99 percent of the country’s magic is possessed by 1 percent of the population,’ protest organizer Dimitri Galleon said.”

My favorite snippet is an editor’s note on the bottom left of the front page announcing the retirement of the Prophet‘s previous editor-in-chief due to a “traumatic incident with a fire-breathing hellcat in the Forbidden Forest.” :)

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