Student Newspaper Publishes University of Alaska Salary Database

The Sun Star student newspaper at the University of Alaska Fairbanks has published a faculty and staff salary database for the entire UA system.  Its launch is part of a larger look at UA’s finances, nicely summed up by the headline of a related feature: “How much money does it take to run the University of Alaska?

Amid a few technical bugs, administrative worries about “workplace friction,” and related concerns about the lack of context the numbers provide, Sun Star editor-in-chief Heather Bryant told The Fairbanks Daily News-Miner “she views the [database] effort as a success.  Although the data is a matter of public record, tracking down the information without such a tool would be tough without a significant amount of time and effort. The database, she said, helps bridge that gap.  ‘In this case, public doesn’t necessarily mean accessible,’ Bryant said.”


Salary Database Most Popular Part of Student Paper’s Site

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