Penn State’s Daily Collegian: ‘Messages to Joe Paterno’

In a video report completed last night and shared moments ago, Daily Collegian staffer Kelley King asks students gathered at the statue of former Penn State football coach Joe Paterno a single question: “If you could say one thing to Joe Paterno right now, what would it be?”  The responses are especially touching amid word this morning that Paterno died overnight in the hospital.

One Response to “Penn State’s Daily Collegian: ‘Messages to Joe Paterno’”
  1. Jerry Sody class of 1969 says:

    Mr. Paterno:
    You I think embodied all that is good in this world; you achieved a modicum of success in your life but you were always JOE and never sought to be greater than that……….You were indeed a great man and never forgot who you were…………or where you came from………..I respect you and honor your memory.