Student Press Tackles Religion: Prayer, Finding Faith, Monastic Living & Church-State Separation

The deadline is looming for UPIU’s latest freelance student reporting contest, which is seeking pitches for stories focused in some manner on religion.  As the contest intro mentions, “Religion has been a major topic in the news lately.  Religious tensions underlie many of the simmering conflicts in Africa and the Middle East.  Questions about women in leadership, homosexuality in church, and other ticklish topics led the headlines in 2011.”

In the spirit of the contest’s main thrust, below is a sampling of recent student press religion stories.  Among the behaviors and issues addressed: prayer, finding faith, the monastic lifestyle, and the occasional tension between believing in God and following organized religion and between atheists and those practicing some form of religion.

The Post, Ohio University

“Finding spare time in college might seem a difficult task to many students, but for Muslim students, finding time to attend all of their classes and pray five times a day is a daily responsibility. . . .”

The Daily Kansan, Kansas University

“I found God in a building behind a gentlemen’s club when I was 14. . . . It was a hot July night, and my sister had taken me to there for a Christian rock show her friends were playing.  She was living in Arkansas at the time, and I was in town visiting.  I wasn’t totally sure about the whole ‘Christian’ thing. . . .”

The Daily Pennsylvanian, University of Pennsylvania

“Some Quakers are planning to live as monks this semester.  ‘Living Deliberately: Monks, Saints and the Contemplative Life’ will be offered for the first time this semester to give students a semester-long engagement in an intensive monastic way of life.  The class, which is in the Religious Studies department, will require students to abstain from using electronic and verbal communication, the internet and alcohol.”

The Daily Campus, Southern Methodist University

“A video went viral on Facebook last week posted by a man who explained why he loves Jesus but hates religion.  I’m sure most of you know exactly what video I’m talking about, and if you do not it should not be hard to find.  The video brings up some valid points about the flaws with organized religion in the world. . . .”

The Vermont Cynic, University of Vermont

“In Asia, the nun movement seems to be flourishing, mostly because it is very difficult for a woman to be seen as respectful when they aren’t married, so it is seen as a refuge,” [Harvard University professor Sarah] LeVine said. “As time goes on, it may be that the attractiveness of the order will diminish as they are allowed to be single and live by themselves.”

NextGen Journal

“Have you ever noticed that the comments beneath articles on CNN dealing with politics and religion are always filled with so much anger and polemic? One can only hope that the people who write in these blogs do not constitute the moderate majority of Americans, because if they do, then our country as a whole is headed for disaster. . . .”

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