Funny Student Press Headlines #8: ‘The Puppies are Coming’ & Deer are Being Killed

Puppies!  The word of the day within this recurring giggly headline feature is puppies, the cute young canines who evoke a smile and a belly laugh from all but the most animal-hating cynics.

In a blog post header last month, The Diamondback fully embraced the spirit of a University of Maryland SGA event that brought dogs to cuddle with students to help curb finals stress.  As the headline to the “Puppypalooza” preview piece reads repetitively, “The Puppies are Coming the Puppies are Coming the Puppies are Coming.

Sticking with the animal focus, in second place today is a header/story that made me guffaw . . . in horror.  Atop a story last month in The Pipe Dream at New York’s Binghamton University, the following vague headline ran: “University Confirms Plan to Cull Campus Deer.

Intrigued by usage of a word whose meaning escaped me, I clicked and read more.  Culling sounded nice, almost like cuddling.  Ten seconds later, I giggled/gasped: “A large percentage of the Nature Preserve’s deer population will be selectively killed over winter break, from Dec. 20 to Jan. 20.  At least 50 deer– out of the 60 to 70 deer that currently call the Nature Preserve home– will be culled.  Binghamton University will hire a private company, White Buffalo, Inc., to conduct the culling.  The deer will be baited using food and then shot in the head by sharpshooters in trees to make death immediate.”  (A judge has since blocked this “culling/killing” plan.)

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  1. I love the animals, they are good friends