Funny Student Press Headlines #7: ‘Texting, Walking & Why I Love Country Music & Don’t Care If You Don’t’

Texting and driving has made headlines in recent months.  Sleep texting has even leapt onto the scene lately as a particularly curious phenomenon.  But one other text-centric habit deserving of a spotlight has largely been ignored . . . until now.

As the header to a recent commentary appearing in The Butler Collegian observes, “Texting and Walking Becomes a Nuisance.

In the spirited piece, Collegian graphics editor Erin Drennan writes, “We all know at least one person that can barely walk on a flat surface, let alone walk and chew gum at the same time without falling over, so why is it that so many people walk and text on their phone at the same time? . . . [S]tudents and faculty both should start being a little more aware of their surroundings while walking down the halls or while strutting through the crosswalks between buildings.”

In close second is a headline topping a story in The Daily at the University of Washington that is bursting with smile-inducing idealism.  As the main header explains, “Why I Love Country Music And Don’t Care If You Don’t.

As the wonderfully lively piece by Olivia Zech begins, “I am the country anthem warbler.  My friends . . . have witnessed me mid-pirouette, spinning carefree to Lady Antebellum, Brad Paisley, Miranda Lambert, and even Miss Swift herself.  They apparently are incapable of knocking.  I am notorious for changing the radio station to 100.7 The Wolf.  I covet red cowboy boots. I caught a three-pound fish once and reeled it in with a sparing amount of man help.  I am the girl who hums hick tunes at unsuitable times.

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