Funny Student Press Headline #6: ‘Measuring Stress Levels in Spit’

A story published late last semester in The Technician at North Carolina State University recently leapt onto my radar for its focus on an odd bit of undergraduate research. ¬†An NCSU student apparently spent the semester studying the relative stress of students enrolled in a pair of biology classes . . . in part through their saliva. The Technician headline describes it simply as, “Measuring Stress Levels in Spit.”

A portion of the fascinating article: “Using a method called ‘passive drool collection,’ [biology student Hannah] Keely has collected saliva samples from approximately eight males and eight females from both classes. Participants simply drool through a short straw into a two mL test tube. Keely will measure the amount of cortisol present in each sample and compare the results between male and female as well as the two courses.”

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