Sex and the University: A Sampling of Student Press Love & Sex Stories

Below is a screenshot sampling of recently published columns in student news outlets nationwide directly tackling matters of sex and love.  Facebook dating etiquette, the hook-up culture, student singledom, BDSM, appropriate first date makeup, and anal sex all make appearances.  Happy Wednesday!

The Johns Hopkins News-Letter, JHU

“Single life is just as much of an adventure as life in a relationship. The only difference is that it’s an adventure with yourself. It’s a chance to devote yourself to your wants and your needs because taking care of yourself should be your #1 priority. . . .”

The Heights, Boston College

“‘I think that drinking fosters the hook-up culture,’ [a BC student] said. ‘Ninety percent, if not more, of random hook-ups happen not because you’re drunk but because you’re at a party with drinking. I don’t think being drunk is a reason why people hook up, but it definitely facilitates it. . . .'”

The Good Five Cent Cigar, University of Rhode Island

(This piece was actually published in 2006, but remains atop the paper’s “Most Popular” articles list.) “When my good friend Abigail told me of her problem last semester I thought that she was making it up at first. She told me that she broke up with her last boyfriend because one night as they were about to have sex . . . he took it upon himself to attempt the unthinkable: he tried to enter through the back door. . . .”

The Post, Ohio University

“Diet, exercise and sex all hold one common thread. It’s not just that they’re all essential to the tapestry of life; it is moderation, which dominates all three.  Too much of a good thing is bad, which can be a good thing for those following the BDSM (bondage and discipline, sadism and masochism) lifestyle. . . .”

The Daily Campus, UCONN

“In college, Facebook is somewhat of a quasi-dating website for people that have already met one another. It’s a way to get to pre-screen (read: judge) a person without really getting to know them all that well. Here are my basic rules for Facebook when it comes to courtship rituals and dating. . . .”

College Fashion

“First date makeup is a little tricky: You want to look polished and like you put effort into looking nice, but you still want to look effortless . . . if that made any sense. A first date is not the time to whip out your darkest smokey eye or reddest lipstick, but rather a chance to enhance your own natural features. . . .”

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