Mystery Prankster Announces Pretend Plans for a Yale Daily News Paywall

An unknown prankster recently wreaked a small bit of havoc— or at least stirred a passing headache– for The Yale Daily News staff.

As the paper itself reported, “In an email to the campus community Saturday afternoon, a mysterious sender named ‘Yale Daily News’ claimed that the News would begin charging for its content. The emailer also claimed that, starting [today], online readers would only have access to 10 articles per month until they needed to purchase a subscription.”

Of course, the purported pay plans are purely fiction.  The Daily News is still free for all, as it clarified in a blog post that included a screenshot of the fake email featured beneath an editorial response of sorts.

The doctored image joins one other iconic text-over-photo shot within contemporary YDN lore.  I am referring of course to the classic Franco FU picture.   Click here or on the screenshot below to learn more about that image’s origins.

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