Sleep Texting a Growing Phenomenon Among Students

While they sleep, some students snore.  Some dream.  And a growing number text.  Sleep texting has recently become a phenomenon worthy of attention in student and professional press circles.

It has joined sleepwalking, sleep paralysis, and old-fashioned nightmares as one of the more common things that occur while undergrads and others are grabbing some shuteye.

In an early December report, The Lantern at Ohio State University explained, “Sleep texting is as simple as it sounds: a person will respond or send out a text message in the middle of their sleep.  Most people who do this usually do not remember doing it and it usually doesn’t make much sense.”

For example, a University of Georgia senior told The Red & Black student newspaper last semester, “I’ve done it several times before and they’ve been coherent and incoherent. One time, I accidentally asked for a pizza.”

One possible cause of this slumbering text craze: the ubiquity of high-tech gadgets and gizmos among the young.  More and more, snuggling in bed with a mobile phone is as normal an activity as playing Angry Birds before class.

To read the rest of the piece, check out my USA TODAY College “Campus Beat” columnClick here or on the screenshot below.

2 Responses to “Sleep Texting a Growing Phenomenon Among Students”
  1. I don’t think it is a good thing to do while sleeping. It means you are not really sleeping, so you will be tired the next day. You should not keep your phone within reach while you sleep.

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