Daily Evergreen at Washington State: ‘Why Being Back at School Sucks’ (@DailyEvergreen)

A fun new read on the website of The Daily Evergreen at Washington State University offers a top-five list reminding students why starting school again this semester stinks.  Among the reasons laid out by writer Amanda Guay are horrendous things like going to class, “waking up at typical human hours,” and being fashionable.

As Guay notes about the latter, “Over winter break I pretty much forgot how to put make up on or how to compose an outfit. Eventually I forgot altogether what I looked like all dolled up.  Getting tasty for class every morning is a mini triumph for most college students.”

I would add homework, obnoxious roomies, poor cafeteria food, and a lack of campus parking to Guay’s rundown.  What else should go on the list?

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