Brigham Young University’s Daily Universe Going from Daily to Weekly in Print

In what has to be regarded as huge news within collegemediatopia, The Daily Universe at Brigham Young University will begin publishing its print edition weekly by the end of April “[a]fter decades of daily publication.”

In the immediate sense, it means a quick shift to a “digital-first news lab format” and, sadly, impending layoffs for eight professional staff who help the paper.  (Fewer professional staff positions requiring different skills will be created to support the students during the new venture.)

As BYU’s student media associate chairwoman tells Utah’s Daily Herald (hat tip Romenesko), “The plan was developed and voted on by all of the journalism faculty and staff.  This new digital-first format will include texts, images, audio, video, mobile and tablet app formats, and we will continue to explore other news applications.”

According to a Daily Universe report, the switch was motivated by financials (specifically a sustained ad revenue drop for the print edition in recent years) and a desire to modernize the curriculum and ensure students are learning skills needed in the current professional field.

The Universe is the second more prominent paper to announce a shift from weekly to daily printing this academic year.  The Red & Black at the University of Georgia made a similar move this past fall.

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