Student Press Story Headlines That Make Me Giggle #4

The winner of today’s edition of this lighthearted all-in-good-fun giggly headline feature serves up an important reminder about an action we will all carry out a few gazillion times before death.  A mid-December piece in The Daily Campus at UCONN that I recently discovered tells readers, simply, “Breathe In and Breathe Out.”  Repeating the activity after you’ve done it once seems to be implied. :)  (As the sub-hed and subsequent article reveal, the angle being hinted at in the hed is student stress reduction.)

The runner-up earns kudos for catching my eye in an RSS feed list of otherwise dry headers.  The four-word headline atop a new Duke Chronicle story demands, earnestly, “Pay attention to me.”  At first, seeing only the hed, I thought I was clicking on an article about flashy web ads or a student rant on sensationalist media.  But it actually tops a well-written treatise on the so-called “middle child syndrome.”

Finally, see if you can spot the snafu in the sub-hed below.

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