Student Press Stories I Love: The Pain, Pleasure and Rising Popularity of Body Modification (@RedandBlack)

A new report in The Red & Black at the University of Georgia highlights a growing movement among students and others that makes ear piercing and the basic forearm tattoo look like child’s play.  Real body modification circa 2012 is built around students who “test the waters and push the envelope.”  As one student told Red & Black staffer Randy Schafer, “I found that it was not only a way to express myself, but it’s also technology in my body.

This type of physical alteration first crossed my path last spring, when a pair of students in my reporting classes in quick succession churned out pieces on body scarification and body suspension– the latter resulting in a pick-up by UPI.

As Schafer’s feature on similar modifications begins, “Metal and flesh are in harmony– at times.  With body modification, a simple prick, slash or burn can be used to ornament or manipulate the body.  Some do it for pain. Others for pleasure.  And others are just curious.”

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