2012 New Year’s Resolution: Become a College Info Geek!

College.  Info.  Geek.  The words, each with their own periods, appear on separate Post-it notes in an almost Shakespearean-style italicized scrawl.  They add up to what is emerging, in my opinion, as one of the coolest independent student help sites on the interwebs.

As its title screams, College Info Geek is focused on student-centric “tips, hacks, and tricks.”  The intro on its About page, beneath the Post-it note decor, explains succinctly that CIG is “a blog that helps you be awesome at college.”  A review of recent posts reveals advice and reflections centered on studying, career prep, all things high tech, and music, music, music.

The latter is an especially “huge passion and timesink” for CIG’s founder Thomas Frank, an Iowa State University student who seems to have set up the site as the foundation for a planned post-grad career as “a globe-trotting author, speaker, and expert on success in higher education.”

Below are three examples from College Info Geek’s featured “best of the best” posts, or what it lovingly dubs its “migliore scrittura” (Italian for best writing).

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