Missourian Memes Offer J-Student Complaints ‘in a Humorous Yet Charming Way’

It is Mizzou meme maniaColumbia Missourian staffers at the University of Missouri recently provided an overflow of word-image combos aimed at capturing the backstage stresses and excitement of the student press experience.

As the greatest blog in all the land J-School Buzz confirmed, “[T]hey are shining light on particular events that reporters feel obligated to complain about in a humorous, yet charming way.  Not only are they very endearing, but rumor has it that [Mizzou] J-Schoolers are very intrigued and even addicted to these amusing little memes.”

Below are three samples culled from the nearly 40 offerings currently viewable on the “Meme-sourian” post, part of a blog kept by Missourian reporter Alicia Stice.  Collectively, they are quite possibly the funniest things I’ve read this year.  (Note to Ms. Stice and colleagues: Please make more.)  Happy Holidays!

One Response to “Missourian Memes Offer J-Student Complaints ‘in a Humorous Yet Charming Way’”
  1. Dude, I was laughing away at the three ads that you posted, and when I went to post this comment another ad showed up about alzheimer’s. I sat their cross eyed for about 5 minutes trying to figure out what is supposed to be funny about that. It turns out that it’s just a real ad. Looks like the joke is on me. Derrrrrr.