Student Newspaper at Brigham Young University-Idaho Sparks Skinny Jeans Debate

An independent student newspaper at Brigham Young University-Idaho recently ignited a debate on, of all things, skinny jeans.  In an article last week that has spawned hundreds of comments and more than 12,000 Facebook Likes, The Student Review focused on BYU-Idaho administrators acting as fashion police and banning students sporting the popular pants from taking required tests and exams.

As the buzzworthy piece begins, “Trends come and go, but the skinny on BYU-Idaho’s most recent addition to the honor code shows one trend going more quickly than some students would like.  Students at Brigham Young University, Idaho recently encountered a new sign in the university’s testing center that read simply, ‘No skinny jeans.'”

The sign was apparently an offshoot of the general “dress and grooming standards” suppressing “form-fitting” clothing on all BYU campuses.  The central question, according to the Review: “[A]re skinny jeans the gateway style to more scandalous attire, or a legitimate clothing option with a bad rap?

The short feature has sparked national attention, with related “Here’s the Skinny” reports running over the past few days on the AP wire, ABC News, Huffington Post, and Gawker.

It also prompted a school response stating that skinny jeans specifically are not banned at BYU.  Yet, students told the Review the restrictive sign was definitely up in the BYU-Idaho testing center prior to the controversy and that some staffers there are known for being overly critical of student clothing they consider indecent or sacrilegious.

Below is a screenshot of the sign that led to the Review article.


One Response to “Student Newspaper at Brigham Young University-Idaho Sparks Skinny Jeans Debate”
  1. cougrrr8 says:

    BYU tends to be wrapped a little tight with dress codes. In the 60’s at BYU girls/women could only wear dresses/skirts. Verses quoted about manly clothing. The guys no beards or mustaches or shorts, I was even denied admission to the on campus theater…no socks and no refund either. Imagine the shock 40 years later at BYU Education Week when all the above was allowed.

    Good luck eventually the fashion police will realize their viewpoint is just that and not ordained from on high.