Daily Tar Heel Columnist at UNC: Choosing a Major ‘Not Always About the Money,’ Even During Recession

A Daily Tar Heel column at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill currently nabbing comments and attention argues that even amid a down economy most students are NOT majoring in something simply because they think it will ensure oodles of cash upon graduation.

According to Patricia Laya, a columnist whose work I really enjoy, “[M]ost of us choose our majors based on what we like to do, even while knowing it might not be financially beneficial.  And we might be right on the money.  Most people will graduate with higher GPAs if they study something they are passionate about, and high GPAs land jobs.  Not only that, it won’t hurt your graduate school applications either.  Tough economic times have forced us look at higher education as a return on an investment, but how can we really put a price on what we know?

One of Laya’s latter points: In the end, in many cases, your exact major doesn’t really matter.  In her words, “[B]asic skills are transferable, and the ability to learn quickly, be a good team-player and apply critical thinking can be applicable to any job in any economy.”

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