Campus Newspapers Cover Egypt Student Arrest Drama (Georgetown Hoya, Indiana Daily Student, Drexel Triangle)

As news observers are well aware, the relative calm in Cairo, Egypt, has once again been shattered by protests, spurts of violence, and political unrest.  A side-story within the larger saga: the recent brief detainment of three U.S. students studying for a semester at the American University of Cairo.

The undergraduate trio– enrolled in the states at Drexel University, Georgetown University, and Indiana University– were arrested by Egyptian authorities for allegedly tossing Molotov cocktails and engaging in other unlawful activities with locals during a Tahrir Square protest.

Along with professional news outlets worldwide, the campus press from the students’ home schools have stepped up to provide related coverage– during what is a traditionally light week in college media circles (except for the sports staffers).

The Indiana Daily Student, The Hoya at Georgetown, and The Triangle at Drexel have collectively reported on all stages and numerous angles of the unfolding narrative– the arrests, interrogation by Egyptian officials, reaction of family and friends, the response from various university voices, and the latest update confirming their release.  Special kudos to Hoya staff writers Sarah Kaplan and Upasana Kaku for their especially vigorous reporting efforts.

One eye-opening snippet in an IDS story about the Indiana University student detained: “On his Twitter account, [the student] often wrote about going to Tahrir Square and participating in protests. On Nov. 13, he tweeted that he had a job in Cairo after graduation and on Nov. 19, he tweeted about throwing rocks, his eyes burning and seeing police fire live ammunition and rubber bullets. On the same day, he also tweeted ‘honestly, hopefully I die here.’  A video was posted on YouTube showing all three of the students on Egyptian state-run television. The video is in Arabic, but it shows the drivers licenses and student IDs of each of the students, a brief clip of them in front of plastic bottles with green fluid in them and a blurry clip of what is suggested to be the students protesting.”

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