Student Newspaper Theft at Texas A&M-Kingsville Linked to Story on Football Players’ Arrest

Hundreds of copies of a student newspaper were allegedly swiped and trashed last week at Texas A&M at Kingsville, an act linked to a front-page story about the arrest of two football players and an assistant coach.  It is the second football-related student newspaper theft at a school within the Texas A&M system in under two years.

Roughly 400 copies of The South Texan, the student newspaper at Kingsville, disappeared from their residence hall stands early last week.  Editors later found almost half of them in the trash.  A Student Press Law Center report confirms the total printing and distribution loss comes to more than $800.

The probable cause for the theft: an article confirming a Kingsville wide receiver, running back, and a defensive backs coach had been pinched by police for marijuana possession.  (The coach also faces a child endangerment charge.)


Sadly, there is precedent for this within the Texas A&M cosmos.  In late February 2010, football players at Texas A&M at Commerce collaborated on a mass theft of almost 2,000 copies of The East Texan, the school’s student newspaper.  The squad was responding to a front-page story headlined, “Football Player Arrested in Drug Bust.”  At the time, the team’s coach famously noted, “I’m proud of my players for doing that.  This was the best team building exercise we have ever done.”

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