Penn State Daily Collegian Covering Widening Sex Abuse Scandal Nonstop

Update, Wednesday night: Daily Collegian news adviser Jim Rodenbush just wrote me, “The Collegian, which has been a five-day-a-week paper since going ‘daily’ in the 1940s, will publish its first-ever Sunday edition this weekend in response to Joe Paterno’s final home game Saturday and the ongoing scandal/story.”


As Penn State University’s paper of record, The Daily Collegian has been providing nonstop coverage of the sex abuse scandal and now-deafening furor surrounding it.

As a Philadelphia Inquirer report noted today, “At the offices of the independent student newspaper, the Collegian, boxes of cold pizza piled up as the staff worked every angle of the story.  Editors conferred about coverage– a Paterno news conference Tuesday, the arraignments, and details about wide receivers coach Mike McQueary, who reported one of the alleged assaults when he was a graduate assistant.  Across the room, a reporter struggled with a piece about the removal of Sandusky Blitz ice cream from the menu at the college’s beloved Berkey Creamery.”

Staffers have also put together a timeline of key events in what they are calling the “Sandusky Scandal.”  A separate report grabs longtime fans’ reactions.  And the opinion section in today’s issue has a related column and letters to the editor discussing the depravity of the alleged acts, the apparent cover-up, the impact on PSU’s legacy, and the media’s coverage of everything so far.

In a piece headlined, “Scandal Tarnishes PSU’s Brand,” the Collegian‘s Emily Kaplan, a Penn State junior, writes, “In a couple years we’ll be alumni, driving back to State College for football Saturdays.  Before kickoff, we’ll stand with the other 100,000-plus Nittany Lion faithful at Beaver Stadium and sing our alma mater. We’ll recite the lyrics, which are about respect, integrity and success with honor– the foundations Penn State prides itself on.  But I can’t help but wonder what those words will mean in two years, or beyond.”

The current editorial cartoon is especially powerful– showing a Nittany Lion in tears, a report about Sandusky in his hands and related coverage splashed on the TV behind him.  It is a pitch-perfect illustration of what the outside media have dubbed Unhappy Valley.

Meanwhile, the paper’s Twitter account has been active with updates, including most recently reports and video of a supportive student gathering outside head football coach Joe Paterno’s house.

4 Responses to “Penn State Daily Collegian Covering Widening Sex Abuse Scandal Nonstop”
  1. Jeff Peterman says:

    In firing Paterno you’re telling a man that devoted his entire life to the betterment of students, education and university that he’s to blame for these horrific horrible crimes harming these children after a lifetime of devotion to help students and education out of love. Now there’s even more than 1 person questioning if Joe Paterno’s innocent and judging him if he did enough to help children? If Joe Paterno’s innocent of doing enough for children?

    And out of fear for football money try to figure out how to push Joe Pa out.
    Board of Trustee’s? Board that decides what’s best financially? Doing what makes the most money despite right or wrong is why this was covered up years ago. Firing Joe Paterno and saying that’s the right thing to do right NOW? They should be ashamed.

    Now after knowing a man if asked, “who is your current top 3 men/women that has helped college kids and education the most and should win a lifetime education reward for; who’s lifetime was most devoted to the betterment of children and education?” after knowing him personally wouldnt vote for joe paterno? He’d be top 3 across the nation in every college’s list let alone top 1 in PSU board of trustee voters who know him personally.

    I wish i could write instead of go to bed to go to work.

    It just makes me sick to think of him questioning himself if HE did enough to help kids and students?

    Jeff PSU 98′

  2. M L Kurtz says:

    Thank you Jeff for comments on JOPA I believe there are hundreds of thousands more around the country who feel the same. I just heard that the big ten is taking penn state’s name off the big ten championship trophy that penn state won in 1994. How can we stop this maddness. Anyone any ideas? I”m all in! M. L Kurtz (Ag53)

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