Penn State’s Daily Collegian Sex Column ‘Mounting Nittany’ Temporarily Pulled

The buzzworthy sex column launched earlier this semester in The Daily Collegian at Penn State University has been placed on temporary hiatus in light of the sex abuse scandal that continues to overwhelm campus. — As I wrote previously on CMM, the early October premiere of “Mounting Nittany,” the first sex column published within the […]

Florida Student Columnist to Gator Fans: Don’t Be Mad at Urban Meyer for Taking Ohio State Job

Former University of Florida football coach Urban Meyer is now a Buckeye. In a press conference coronation yesterday, Ohio State University announced what had been leaking in sporting news circles for a week: Meyer, the former Gainesville hero who led the Gators to two BCS titles, was relocating to Columbus– and pocketing uber-millions in a […]

For-Profit Student Newspapers: New College Media Trend?

Can the student press turn a profit?  Michael Westendorf says yes, and he operates a newspaper aiming to prove it. — The Saginaw Valley Journal is an independent paper covering Michigan’s Saginaw Valley State University, an 11,000-student public school less than an hour’s drive from Flint.  The paper is a grand experiment of sorts– aiming […]

Campus Newspapers Cover Egypt Student Arrest Drama (Georgetown Hoya, Indiana Daily Student, Drexel Triangle)

As news observers are well aware, the relative calm in Cairo, Egypt, has once again been shattered by protests, spurts of violence, and political unrest.  A side-story within the larger saga: the recent brief detainment of three U.S. students studying for a semester at the American University of Cairo. — The undergraduate trio– enrolled in […]

Student Journalist Spotlight: Brian Dzenis, Editor-in-Chief, The Temple News

Temple University student Brian Dzenis is a devoted member of what he calls “Team Bacon.”  Along with journalism, Dzenis has publicly declared his enjoyment of three things most in this world: “sports, bacon, and foods that include bacon.” — The editor-in-chief of The Temple News, the student newspaper at the Philadelphia school, recently tested his bacon adulation and general carnivorousness […]

Iowa State Student Newspaper Publishes Special Digital Edition Hours After School’s Historic Football Victory

On Friday night, the eyes and hearts of college football fans nationwide opened to an underdog hero of instantly-mythical proportions: Iowa State University.  Of course, as any living, breathing human who has ever played Madden knows by now, the ISU Cyclones staged a double-overtime, come-from-behind win this past Friday against the then-undefeated, second-ranked Oklahoma State […]

Editor & Publisher Piece: Kentucky’s Need to Control Basketball Program Led to Student Newspaper Censorship

An “Ethics Corner” column in the latest issue of Editor & Publisher is offering one last journalistic smackdown of the deplorable student press censorship earlier this semester at the University of Kentucky. — For the uninitiated, here are the facts…  The timing: late August.  The location: Lexington, Ky.  The situation: University of Kentucky athletics officials, […]

College Media Story Ideas: The Freshman 15 Myth

The Freshman 15 is actually the Freshman 3.  According to a new report appearing soon in Social Science Quarterly, first-year students at colleges and universities only gain a bit more than three pounds during their first two semesters in school. — The “myth-debunking” finding stems from a long-term study that followed the weight fluctuations of more than 7,000 […]

Penn State Sex Abuse Scandal: 10 Spin-Off Story Ideas for Your Student Newspaper

The Daily Collegian and Onward State at Penn State continue to cover and provide commentary on almost every angle of the sex abuse scandal and its related football fallout and administrative shake-up. — — — Their hard-nosed, on-point, wide-ranging editorial slates should serve as inspirations– and foundations for related story ideas for your own student […]

SPLC, CBI to Supreme Court: End FCC’s Power to Fine College Radio for Cursing

The Supreme Court should strike down a governmental policy allowing college radio stations to be fined for “fleeting expletives,” the Student Press Law Center and College Broadcasters, Inc., argue in a new friend-of-the-court brief. — SPLC and CBI joined forces for the brief in defense of college radio’s role as an often-live “laboratory for experimentation,” […]

Student Newspaper Theft at Texas A&M-Kingsville Linked to Story on Football Players’ Arrest

Hundreds of copies of a student newspaper were allegedly swiped and trashed last week at Texas A&M at Kingsville, an act linked to a front-page story about the arrest of two football players and an assistant coach.  It is the second football-related student newspaper theft at a school within the Texas A&M system in under […]

My Advice for Poynter: 10 Steps to Succeed with a Post-Romenesko Media Blog

As I write in my new PBS MediaShift post, the Romenesko-Poynter split remains the talk of the journalism cosmos.  I am a longtime Romenesko reader now strongly considering switching full-time to Mediagazer.  Simply in case it might be of interest to a Poynter faculty crew I sincerely admire, here are the steps I suggest taking […]

A Strange, Sad Day in Journalism: Romenesko’s Resignation

Aggregation is an under-appreciated art.  Sure, with a quick tutorial, almost anyone can perform some version of it.  But I have only stumbled across a few individuals and media outlets who have done it really well for any length of time on the web. — Jim Romenesko heavily influenced the practice of online aggregation.  By […]

Median Salary for Journalism Majors: $50,000

Based on last year’s census data, the median salary for journalism majors now in the professional ranks: $50,000.  My first reaction: Wow, honestly, that is higher than I thought it would be. — According to a great Romenesko+ post summarizing Wall Street Journal data, “Journalism majors do slightly better than English majors in the job […]

Penn State Daily Collegian Covering Widening Sex Abuse Scandal Nonstop

Update, Wednesday night: Daily Collegian news adviser Jim Rodenbush just wrote me, “The Collegian, which has been a five-day-a-week paper since going ‘daily’ in the 1940s, will publish its first-ever Sunday edition this weekend in response to Joe Paterno’s final home game Saturday and the ongoing scandal/story.” —— — As Penn State University’s paper of […]