Three California Community Colleges Drop Print Paper Due to Budget Cuts

A trio of California community colleges are losing their single shared student newspaper’s print edition due to budget cuts.

According to a Ventura County Star report, the shift to online-only publishing for The Student Voice will save the schools a combined $15,000.  It’s a very small portion of the more than $10 million being slashed from the schools’ finances overall.

In a make-the-best-of-it mindset, the paper’s editor, faculty adviser, and the president of the school where the related journalism program is based cite two advantages of becoming a solely digital operation:

1) More in touch with readership.  While print editions of student papers at many colleges and universities continue to be grabbed and read, apparently ink stains are out at Ventura, Oxnard, and Moorpark colleges.  Moorpark’s president: “A lot of it is budget, but we’re also pushing online because that’s where the audience is.”  (Only complaint with this statement is that it is not backed up with any evidence.  But the editor and a separate student cited in the piece do make similar statements.)

2) More in line with today’s publishing realities.  Adviser: “[Staffers] weren’t learning the mindset they needed of urgency or many of the multimedia skills they needed.”

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