Student Photographer Arrested at Occupy Rochester Protest in New York

A student journalist at the Rochester Institute of Technology was arrested Friday evening while covering the Occupy Rochester protest in New York. — Jonathan Foster, a staff photographer for RIT’s weekly student magazine Reporter, was returning to the protest park after grabbing a pen from his car when police grabbed him.  His detainment was part […]

Random Tweets from the 2011 ACP/CMA National College Media Convention (#NCMC11)

Along with the sessions, Universal CityWalk excursions, publication critiques, and hotel craziness during the last few days in Orlando, the online conversation among students and advisers attending the ACP/CMA National College Media Convention has been robust. — Twitter has been the epicenter of that conversation, hashtag #ncmc11.  Hundreds (thousands?) of tweets offered quotes and lessons […]

Wesleyan Student Newspaper Pulls Controversial Piece About ‘Horrors of Single-Sex Education’

Editors at The Wesleyan Argus recently retracted a controversial opinion piece about “the horrors of single-sex education.”  They are now running a pair of apologies to readers in its place. — The article was written by a Wesleyan University junior who transferred to the Connecticut coed school from Bryn Mawr College.  She described the write-up […]

Harvard Crimson: Students Constantly Checking Facebook in Class

Harvard University junior Hemi Gandhi calls it the Facebook Index.  The phrase describes what he has found to be a “widely-accepted phenomenon” at Harvard: students obsessively checking Facebook, news sites, and their email during class. — “The degree of Internet browsing . . . varies widely from class to class, and from student to student,” […]

Dan in Orlando: Sex, Story Ideas, Magazines & Iraq

Later this week, I will be in Orlando with the rest of the college media masses for the ACP/CMA national convention.  Now in its 90th year, the event is billed as “the largest gathering of collegiate student journalists and advisers in the world.” — I’ll be presenting at four sessions, touching on a mix of […]

Student Newspaper Report on Sorority Suspension Leads to Threats, Thefts, Trashing at New York’s Union College

A short write-up in a student newspaper at a New York college about a sorority’s suspension has led to threats, thefts, trashing, and a level of attention and vitriol editors confirm is unprecedented. — The Concordiensis recently published a roughly 100-word article confirming that Union College administrators were temporarily banning campus sorority Delta Delta Delta […]

Student Press Story Ideas: Bike Riding, Sharing Up on College Campuses

This semester, university students, professors and staff are riding bicycles in record numbers.  As campuses expand, gas prices surge, and parking spaces dwindle, more bikes are being put to use to travel to and from classes, office hours, club meetings, sporting events, and social hangouts. — “The bicycle is an incredible invention, providing fast, inexpensive […]

Columbia Journalism School News Outlet’s Bus Segregation Report Has New York City Abuzz

A report from a journalism school’s news outlet about bus segregation has New York City abuzz– with the mayor and New York Times weighing in. — A story appearing earlier this week on the homepage of The New York World— a site affiliated with Columbia University’s j-school and run by recent alums– revealed that a […]

University of Virginia Judiciary Committee Drops Charges Against Cavalier Daily Editor-in-Chief

A judicial board at the University of Virginia has dropped “breach of confidentiality” charges it previously brought against Cavalier Daily editor-in-chief Jason Ally.  The decision– announced after Ally appeared yesterday before a trial panel– ends a month-long saga that initially implicated five members of the paper’s managing board for not keeping quiet about an ongoing […]

Tennessee Student Starts Newspaper to Reveal Ex-Wife’s Affair with Professor

The Athenaeum News is perhaps the strangest— and most vengeful– student media start-up this semester.  A 40-year-old sophomore journalism and electronic media major at the University of Tennessee recently began publishing the weekly paper to publicly share details of an affair between his now ex-wife and a UT professor. — Interestingly, in a quick online […]

Crimson White Staffer Documents ‘Social Media Blackout’ at Alabama

“On Sunday, September 25th, at 11:59 p.m., I signed off of Facebook.  I would not sign on to any kind of social media again until the following Tuesday.  This is my story.” — So begins a video report capturing snippets of Matt Mecoli’s journey away from online interaction.  The roughly weeklong “social media blackout” carried […]

Occupy Wall Street: Student Press Perspectives on the Protests

Masses of protestors in some way aligned with the Occupy Wall Street movement are setting up camps in evermore cities nationwide.  As a New York Times report confirms, OWS has officially “entered the nation’s collective consciousness.” — This consciousness stems, in part, from a rise in related media attention.  “As the Occupy Wall Street message of representing […]

College Media Story Ideas: A List of the Best College Lists

College life is full of lists.  There are lists for the top NCAA sports teams, the coolest drinking games, the strangest mascots, the best school mottos, the most inspiring professors, the largest school endowments, the most popular student newspapers, and the highest-paying academic majors (engineering, for those keeping score at home). — There are separate lists telling students about the […]

350 Student Stations Unite in Honor of College Radio Day

Roughly 350 student-run radio stations across the U.S. and Canada are taking to the airwaves in solidarity today, in hopes of “raising the profile of what college radio stations are doing across North America.” — The first College Radio Day is part celebration, part publicity/pledge drive, part protest.  As its co-organizers ask, “Isn’t it about […]

Three California Community Colleges Drop Print Paper Due to Budget Cuts

A trio of California community colleges are losing their single shared student newspaper’s print edition due to budget cuts. — According to a Ventura County Star report, the shift to online-only publishing for The Student Voice will save the schools a combined $15,000.  It’s a very small portion of the more than $10 million being […]