College Media Viral Video: ‘I Want a Journalism Internship’

A new video that has leapt onto the social media B-list over the past week is a cautionary tale for journalism students seeking internships.

The gist of the four-minute vid, created by Rowan University journalism professor Kathryn Quigley using the wonderful moviemaker program Xtranormal: You are NOT entitled to a high-paying gig close to home that works around your schedule simply because you want one.

My favorite part of the funny exchange between internship coordinator and student is the long awkward pauses before the coordinator has to repeatedly say NO to the student’s selfish/clueless internship-related requests.

Check out the vid by clicking here or on the screenshot below.

2 Responses to “College Media Viral Video: ‘I Want a Journalism Internship’”
  1. Kathryn Quigley says:

    Thanks for the nice comment about my video. I was trying to make the pauses really awkward. Although they came out too slow in the finished version. But now I know how to do it for future funny videos I make on Xtranormal:)

    • Dan says:

      Of course! For what it’s worth, on purpose or by accident, I think pauses are absolutely perfect. They definitely sparked the loudest laughter when I showed it to a few of my classes. :) Send me any follow-ups.