2011 College Press Freedom Award Recipient: The Sun, Southwestern College

For enduring and ultimately prevailing in a nasty squabble with vindictive school officials, The Sun at California’s Southwestern College has earned the 2011 College Press Freedom Award. — In an anouncement earlier today, the Student Press Law Center and Associated Collegiate Press confirmed that the Sun staff and adviser “endured a pattern of escalating attacks […]

Social Media 1.0: Many Student Press Outlets Still Getting Used to ‘Living Social’

Should our student reporters be allowed to respond to online comments about their stories?  Should the tone of our Twitter feed be uber-serious and objective or opinionated and even a bit snarky?  What should the blog affiliated with our outlet actually feature and how often should it be updated?  And should we spread our staff […]

As Student Newspaper Archives Grow Online, Some Alums Worry About Their Google Prints

The evermore expansive set of student press archives being placed online continues to concern those who wish their undergrad misdeeds or heated words would stay in the past, not in their Google prints. — As a new USA Today College piece by Ohio University journalism student Stephanie Stark confirms, “[C]ollege newspapers are uploading old print […]

New Hampshire Student Newspaper Editorials Stir Debate About Professor Who Exposed Himself in Public

A pair of spirited editorials in the University of New Hampshire student newspaper have drummed up a debate about the impending return of a professor who was arrested in 2009 for exposing himself in public. — As The New Hampshire notes near the start of the first editorial, the tenured German professor apparently “showed his penis to […]

Virginia’s Cavalier Daily Charged with Breaching Confidentiality in Plagiarism Case

An editorial in The Cavalier Daily apologizing for repeated plagiarism by a staff writer has angered University of Virginia’s judiciary committee.  The committee contends that the editorial breaches the confidentiality required during its investigation of the student plagiarist (for violating the school’s honor code). — As the paper shared in an unsigned editorial earlier this month, […]

Recent Journalism Grad: Dealing with ‘The Question’ & the Journalism Unemployment Myth

During the last academic year, Indiana University senior journalism student Sarah Hutchins dreaded what she called The Question, capital T, capital Q. — “The conversations always start the same,” Hutchins wrote a month before commencement for The Indiana Daily Student’s quarterly magazine Inside.  “‘So, what are you doing after graduation?‘  I’ve been asked by family, friends, old high […]

Google+: A ‘Ghost Town’ or ‘Best Thing Since Sliced Bread’?

There is a web battle royale brewing over my PBS MediaShift post published yesterday afternoon in which I critique Google+ as a social networking hub / the Internet’s next big thing. — As I mention, “Google+ is dead.  At worst, in the coming months, it will literally fade away to nothing or exist as Internet […]

Virginia Student Newspapers’ Alcohol Advertising Fight Now in Year 5

In Virginia, the alcohol ads case is currently being considered by the state’s supreme court.  Now in year five, The Cavalier Daily at the University of Virginia and The Collegiate Times at Virginia Tech continue to battle a Va. law that prohibits college newspapers from running almost any type of alcohol advertisement. — The latest […]

College Media Hall of Fame: Vinny Vella, Former Editor-in-Chief, La Salle Collegian

The College Media Hall of Fame is a digital enshrinement of individuals, news outlets, and organizations who have made a lasting impact on collegemediatopia or greatly contributed to it over the past year. Much like last year’s inaugural batch (known as the CMM 10), this year’s inductees include standout student journalists, innovative student media entrepreneurs, and impassioned advocates […]

After Student’s Arrest, Is It OK to Post His Facebook Photo?

A faculty adviser for a campus newspaper in California is currently in an ethical muddle.  As he explained on a popular college media list-serv earlier this week: A student at his university was expelled for marijuana possession and sales. The paper of course is planning related coverage. — In the adviser’s words, “The student’s Facebook […]

Georgia’s Red & Black Student Newspaper Premieres First Magazine Edition Online

As part of its dramatic transformation, The Red & Black at the University of Georgia launched a monthly magazine edition this semester known simply by the punctuation mark &.  The first issue of the 32-page full-color glossy mag unveiled itself in print a few weeks back, according to faculty adviser Ed Morales, but made its […]

College Media Viral Video: ‘I Want a Journalism Internship’

A new video that has leapt onto the social media B-list over the past week is a cautionary tale for journalism students seeking internships. The gist of the four-minute vid, created by Rowan University journalism professor Kathryn Quigley using the wonderful moviemaker program Xtranormal: You are NOT entitled to a high-paying gig close to home […]

Sampling of Student Press 9/11 10th Anniversary Coverage

Below is a screenshot sampling of student newspapers’ special editions or extended coverage dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the September 11th attacks. — — The State News, Michigan State University — — The Daily Texan, University of Texas at Austin — — The Herald, Western Kentucky University — — The Daily Kansan, Kansas University […]

College Media Story Idea: Student Slackliners Leading a ‘Balance Sport Revolution’

Slacklining, a pursuit centered on finding the perfect balance, has seemingly reached its tipping point among students. — The activity involves walking ever-so-carefully across shaky nylon webbing typically tied between two trees about a foot from the ground.  BBC News describes it as “the trampoline meets the tightrope.”  Separate enthusiasts consider it a mere hobby, a […]

Should Student Press Outlets Charge for Online Content? If So, How?

Last winter break, a flurry of web chatter greeted the decision of The Daily O’Collegian at Oklahoma State University to begin charging select readers a minimal fee to access its online content.  As I mentioned in a related post, the paper is the first known college news outlet to attempt an online pay scheme of any sort. — […]