Journalism & Media Conferences: Top 11 to Attend in 2011-2012

Note: Check out my updated 2012 list

A recent college graduate emailed me last week requesting a list of journalism and media conferences worth attending.  It is a fantastic question.

Below is a list of what I consider to be the most indispensable national-level get-togethers for those who are practicing, teaching, and still learning the craft of journalism.  They focus on a variety of skills and media and cover both the educational and professional sides of the field.  (Click on the images for more information on each.)

SPJ/RTDNA Excellence in Journalism, September 2011, New Orleans

Online News Association Conference, September 2011, Boston

ACP/CMA National College Media Convention, October 2011, Orlando

Computer-Assisted Reporting Conference, February 2012, St. Louis

ACP Midwinter College Journalism Convention, March 2012, Seattle

Click on image above, then scroll down a bit to get background info. (The fall one is still on top of course.)


CMA/CBI Spring College Media Convention, March 2012, NYC

Nothing on it online at the moment. It's held each year in NYC. Focus right now is on fall get-together in Orlando. Soon after that, info should be available at and

International Symposium on Online Journalism, April 2012, Austin

Broadcast Education Association Convention, April 2012, Las Vegas

Investigative Reporters and Editors Conference, June 2012, Boston

National Association of Black Journalists Convention, August 2012

Nothing online yet. The 2011 convention just wrapped.

AEJMC Conference, August 2012, Chicago

Not many details yet. The 2011 conference just wrapped.

I have no doubt my student press and non-broadcast-background biases are showing and that I’ve left off a few worthy gatherings.  So please let me know, politely: What other conferences should be on the list???  

(To be clear upfront, I did not include workshops, boot camps or regional conferences– they deserve separate lists.)

12 Responses to “Journalism & Media Conferences: Top 11 to Attend in 2011-2012”
  1. abechtel1 says:

    I’d add the national conference of the American Copy Editors Society. It will be in New Orleans in April 2012:

    • Dan says:

      Alfred- Good to hear from you. Thank you for the suggestions. Journalism Interactive was honestly on my list of finalists– wasn’t sure if it was being considered must-attend yet. (Some of us in the college media community are disappointed about its overlap with ACP/CMA. Of course such conflicts are inevitable/unavoidable at times.) I’ll mention it in a follow-up post. Hope all’s well.

  2. Dan says:

    Andy- Yes, absolutely! An excellent conference/organization. I am picturing Bill Chronister as I type this. :) I’m going to wait until I receive a few more suggestions and publish a follow-up post…

    • Melissa Commodore says:

      Hello Dan,

      My name is Melissa and I am in my first stages of being an independent broadcast journalist. I am the photographer, reporter, editor and producer of my stories. However, I was wondering if you knew firsthand what would be a great conference where I can brush up my skills on editing, insight on reporting, producing, how to sale my stories and online development as well.

      I am yearning for knowledge to maximize the skills I already have and develop new skills within my field. If you could help me at all that would be greatly appreciated.

      Thank you for your time,



    If you’re looking for an amazing value in your digital training/conference plans this fall, check out the Society for News Design conference in St. Louis on Sept. 29-Oct. 1. We’re offering more mobile and tablet focused training than any journalism conference in the country (more than a full day of it from touch interaction design to development to strategy from innovative organizations including Zite, ESPN, The Daily, The Onion, as well as many newspapers and chains such as the NY Times, Tribune, Morris, Cox, Freedom, etc.), so if you and your students are interested in being on the cutting edge of digital, you should join us in St. Louis. (I’m co-chair of the event)

  4. Naif says:

    Nice conference, I would add ” International Symposium on Online Journalism ” on April 2012 in Austin. Please send me all conditions.

  5. anything this spring that a student could go to?

  6. wow great, thanks for sharing. I’ll try to attend some as much as possible even though my time is quite busy. This would really be of great help.